Canyoning Gole della Lima

In summer, when the rafting path of Lima is not viable due to lack of water, we propose an exploration in the picturesque gorges of Lima in the narrow of Cocciglia, we use the techniques of TORRENTISMO, but without the use of ropes. The excursion lasts about two hours, we provide the wetsuit, jacket, life jacket and helmet. The route is a river trek where you can dive and slide and in some places you can do Free Climbing (deep water) on the walls of the gorge overhanging the water.

It is also possible to access the Gorges of the Lima stream by cable car and acrobatic passages of the “Canyon Park” Adventure Park with an expert guide. See Raft & Park.

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Canyoning Gole della Lima

The reservation will be active only if made at least 48 hours in advance


  • Canyoning Gole della Lima: € 50.

What to bring:

  • sports shoes;
  • Lycra thermal jersey or pile/wool;
  • swimsuit;
  • underwear and towel/bathrobe change.

For groups over 10 pax it is advisable to contact the secretariat to agree on terms and timing.

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For short-term bookings, or requests within 48 hours from the date of the requested activity, it is recommended to contact the secretariat at +39 340 97 62 477 immediately after sent the request through this form.


Piazza del ponte d’oro, 12A, Chifenti – Borgo a Mozzano (LU),  to get to your destination refer to the Chain Bridge that connects the village of Fornoli and Chifenti and the towns of Bagni di Lucca and Borgo a Mozzano. Ample parking is available.

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